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Shipping Insurance

Shipping Insurance

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Shipping Insurance

Shipping Insurance

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Our shipping insurance offers comprehensive coverage for your digital night vision goggles during transit, ensuring that your investment is protected from dispatch to delivery. This policy outlines the terms and conditions under which shipping insurance is offered, including coverage details, claim procedures, exclusions, and limitations.

Coverage Details:

Loss or Damage: Shipping insurance covers the full value of the digital night vision goggles in case of loss or damage while in transit from our warehouse to the delivery address.
Carrier Mishandling: Includes coverage for damage that can be directly attributed to mishandling by the carrier.
Theft: Covers theft of the package from the point of shipping until delivery, provided there is proof of theft through filing a police report.

Claim Procedure:

Reporting: Loss or damage must be reported to our customer service team within 48 hours of the scheduled delivery date for loss claims, or within 48 hours of receipt for damage claims.
Documentation: Customers may be required to provide proof of damage or loss, such as photos of damaged goods and packaging, or a police report in the case of theft.
Assessment: We reserve the right to investigate the claim, which may include inspection of the damaged product, review of carrier documentation, and verification of compliance with our shipping guidelines.
Resolution: Valid claims will be resolved by either replacing the damaged or lost item at no additional cost to the customer, or by providing a refund for the purchase price of the product.


Improper Packaging: Claims for items damaged due to improper packaging by the customer are not covered.
Incorrect Address: Losses due to incorrect shipping addresses provided by the customer are not covered.
Uninsurable Items: Certain conditions or types of damage may be deemed uninsurable, including but not limited to cosmetic damage that does not affect the functionality of the goggles, and damage due to natural disasters.


Deductible: A deductible may apply to shipping insurance claims. The deductible amount will be specified at the time of purchase.
Claim Limit: The maximum claim amount shall not exceed the purchase price of the insured item.
Time Limit for Claims: All claims must be submitted within the specified timeframe from the date of delivery or expected delivery for lost items.


Governing Law:

This shipping insurance policy is governed by the laws of the country in which the product was purchased. Disputes arising under this policy shall be resolved in accordance with those laws.

Changes to the Policy:

We reserve the right to modify the terms of this shipping insurance policy at any time. Customers are encouraged to review the policy periodically for any changes.

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Even though we meticulously check every unit prior to shipping, sometimes errors can occur and you may receive a faulty unit. In the event of that, we got you covered.